sourced and produced locally


On our journey of bringing high quality products into the street food market, we wanted to have an impact on the environment and community. We use ingredients that travel short distance from the producer to the consumer, focusing on local products.

Over the years, we perfected the recipes and started to get all the main product supplies from the local fish markets. We serve the freshest fish caught by the local fishermen and distributed by FinFisk in the Sjælland area and P.Clausens Fiskehandel in the Jylland area.

our chips

Our Fish & Chips is the hero dish of The Fish Project. The fish is covered in a smooth and delicious batter, that deep fried dresses the well-cooked fish in a crispy and crunchy crust.

The chips are made with Danish potatoes, sourced from a local producer.

We prepare and serve you ticker chips, that have a scrispy texture on the outside, and a soft texture in the inside when they are fried. Our chips have a beautiful golden color, and they are seasoned with salt and our special blend of herbs and spices.

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